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Twin Lakes is an American artisan brewery preserving the art of  brewing.  10 years ago a group of friends who shared a passion for  home-brewing came together over their love of the craft, and decided to  form a brewery that followed the time-honored methods of great brewing  using only the best ingredients.  We  use only deep aquifer well-water, the finest grains, 100% whole-flower  hops, and cultured yeast.  Our Master Brewers adhere to traditional  brewery methods by making beer that is steam brewed, gravity-fed,  unfiltered and unpasteurized, to provide our customers with a truly  delicious craft beer experience.  Naturally brewed with a passion to be  Fresh-Local-Delicious, at Twin Lakes we don't make extreme beers, just  extremely drinkable beers.  

 As many of you may have heard, Twin Lakes Brewery is in the process of relocating a few miles  down the road.  The new, larger location will allow us to brew more  varieties of our beer, allow us to offer more packaging options for more  of our flavors, and to be open to the public throughout the entire  week.  We fully expect to be back open to the public for tours and tastings by mid summer 2017.  

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Jasper Crane Rose Garden Party

Our master brewer Jack Wick crafted up a delicious Rose Gold Ale using Rose petals from the Jasper Crane Rose Garden, which was featured at the Jasper Crane Garden Party on June 1st.  Stay up to date with all the cool things we're doing by following us on social media!

Tasting Room Progress

Our new tasting room will be open mid-summer 2017.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on our progress!

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Tasting Room Coming Soon!

Twin Lakes Brewing Company

405 Marsh Ln, Newport, Delaware 19804, United States

(302) 658-1826


Our tasting room will be open sometime mid summer.  Sign up for our newsletter and make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on our progress!  

Until then, be sure to catch us at local events, announced on Facebook and our website, or give us a call to schedule a tour!  If you're in the brewing/ restaurant/ bar industry, tours are free.


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